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Each one of our handmade coasters are unique and show off the natural beauty of the wood. Protect your furniture with a set each hand picked to compliment the others.

Description Diameter* Price  
Single coaster 3.5" to 5" $10.00
Four Coaster Set 3.5" to 5" $35.00
*All mesurements are from outer diameter and are aproximate.

Peppermills have been around for over a hundred years and are now considered to be a lifetime purchase. It is important then, that this essential kitchen accessory gives value and aesthetic pleasure, a timeless piece that is forever adored. Peppermills by Sugar's Wood Crafts are truly a handsome combination of quality, artistry and functionality in a distinctive form to bring you satisfaction for a lifetime.

Description Price  
Single 10" Peppermill $115.00
Single 8" Peppermill $90.00
10" Pepper and 10" Saltmill Set $220.00
10" Pepper and 8" Saltmill Set $200.00
10" Peppermill and Salt Shaker Set $170.00
8" Peppermill and Salt Shaker Set $115.00
4" X 2" Salt & Pepper Shaker Set $60.00

These olive wood vases are naturally beautiful and very affordable. Each vase has its own unique and distinctive character. Each vase contains a glass tube which makes it suitable for fresh flowers as well as dried flowers, grasses, feathers, and any other decorative flourishes, or it can be displayed as an art piece. Olive wood vases make excellent affordable gifts.

Description Diameter* Price  
Small Vase 3 x 6" $30.00
Medium Vase 3.5 x 8" $60.00
Large Vase 4 x 10" $75.00
Extra Large Vase 4.5 x 12" $195.00
Grand Vase 5 x 14" $225.00
*All mesurements are outer diameter x height and are aproximate.